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Unboiled fiber oats - Tbsp to Grams Calculator | Unboiled fiber oats - Tbsp to Grams Chart

4 tbsp of unboiled fiber oats in grams

How many grams of unboiled fiber oats in 4 US tablespoons? How much do 4 tbsp of unboiled fiber oats weigh?
4 US tablespoons of unboiled fiber oats equals 23.8 grams(*)

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Significant Figures:


4 US tablespoons of unboiled fiber oats weighs 23.8 grams. (*)
(*) or precisely 23.777 grams. All values are approximate.

Unboiled fiber oats
Values Near 2.2 US tablespoons in grams

US tablespoons to grams
Unboiled fiber oats
2.2US tablespoons = 13.1grams
2.3US tablespoons = 13.7grams
2.4US tablespoons = 14.3grams
2.5US tablespoons = 14.9grams
2.6US tablespoons = 15.5grams
2.7US tablespoons = 16grams
2.8US tablespoons = 16.6grams
2.9US tablespoons = 17.2grams
3US tablespoons = 17.8grams
3.1US tablespoons = 18.4grams
3.2US tablespoons = 19grams
3.3US tablespoons = 19.6grams
3.4US tablespoons = 20.2grams
3.5US tablespoons = 20.8grams
3.6US tablespoons = 21.4grams
3.7US tablespoons = 22grams
3.8US tablespoons = 22.6grams
3.9US tablespoons = 23.2grams
4US tablespoons = 23.8grams
4.1US tablespoons = 24.4grams
4.2US tablespoons = 25grams
4.3US tablespoons = 25.6grams
4.4US tablespoons = 26.2grams
4.5US tablespoons = 26.7grams
4.6US tablespoons = 27.3grams
4.7US tablespoons = 27.9grams
4.8US tablespoons = 28.5grams
4.9US tablespoons = 29.1grams
5US tablespoons = 29.7grams
5.1US tablespoons = 30.3grams
5.2US tablespoons = 30.9grams
5.3US tablespoons = 31.5grams
5.4US tablespoons = 32.1grams
5.5US tablespoons = 32.7grams
5.6US tablespoons = 33.3grams
5.7US tablespoons = 33.9grams
5.8US tablespoons = 34.5grams

Note: Values are rounded to 3 significant figures. Fractions are rounded to the nearest 8th fraction.

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