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Icing sugar - Ml to Kg Calculator | Icing sugar - Ml to Kg Chart

16 ml of icing sugar in kg

How many kilograms of icing sugar in 16 milliliters? How much do 16 ml of icing sugar weigh?
16 milliliters of icing sugar equals 0.00845 kilogram(*)

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Inputs?Notes: the results in this calculator are rounded (by default) to 3 significant figures. The conversion factors are approximate once it is intended for recipes measurements. This is not rocket sciece ☺.

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Significant Figures:


16 milliliters of icing sugar weighs 0.00845 kilogram. (*)
(*) or precisely 0.008448 kilogram. All values are approximate.

Icing sugar
Values Near 16 milliliters in kilograms

milliliters to kilograms
Icing sugar
16milliliters = 0.00845kilogram
17milliliters = 0.00898kilogram
18milliliters = 0.0095kilogram
19milliliters = 0.01kilogram
20milliliters = 0.0106kilogram
21milliliters = 0.0111kilogram
22milliliters = 0.0116kilogram
23milliliters = 0.0121kilogram
24milliliters = 0.0127kilogram
25milliliters = 0.0132kilogram
26milliliters = 0.0137kilogram
27milliliters = 0.0143kilogram
28milliliters = 0.0148kilogram
29milliliters = 0.0153kilogram
30milliliters = 0.0158kilogram
31milliliters = 0.0164kilogram
32milliliters = 0.0169kilogram
33milliliters = 0.0174kilogram
34milliliters = 0.018kilogram
35milliliters = 0.0185kilogram
36milliliters = 0.019kilogram
37milliliters = 0.0195kilogram
38milliliters = 0.0201kilogram
39milliliters = 0.0206kilogram
40milliliters = 0.0211kilogram
41milliliters = 0.0216kilogram
42milliliters = 0.0222kilogram
43milliliters = 0.0227kilogram
44milliliters = 0.0232kilogram
45milliliters = 0.0238kilogram
46milliliters = 0.0243kilogram
47milliliters = 0.0248kilogram
48milliliters = 0.0253kilogram
49milliliters = 0.0259kilogram
50milliliters = 0.0264kilogram
51milliliters = 0.0269kilogram
52milliliters = 0.0275kilogram

Note: Values are rounded to 3 significant figures. Fractions are rounded to the nearest 8th fraction.

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