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Miles [nautical, UK] to barleycorns Conversion Factor

The mile [nautical, UK] to barleycorn conversion factor is 218022

To find how many miles [nautical, UK] are there in a barleycorn, just multiply the quantity in miles [nautical, UK] by 218000.

You can also use the formula to convert from miles [nautical, UK] to barleycorns below:

Value in barleycorns = value in miles [nautical, UK] × 218022


Convert half mile [nautical, UK] to barleycorns:
half miles [nautical, UK] = 0.5 × 218000 = 109000 barleycorns.

Convert a mile [nautical, UK] to barleycorns:
a mile [nautical, UK] = 1 × 218000 = 218000 barleycorns.

Convert two miles [nautical, UK] to barleycorns:
two miles [nautical, UK] = 2 × 218000 = 436000 barleycorns.

Note: All values are rounded to 3 significant figures.

All In One Unit Converter

More Examples:

Convert three miles [nautical, UK] to barleycorns three miles [nautical, UK] = 3 × 654000 = 654000 barleycorns.

Convert 4 miles [nautical, UK] to barleycorns 4 miles [nautical, UK] = 4 × 872000 = 872000 barleycorns.

Convert half mile [nautical, UK] to barleycorns half miles [nautical, UK] = 0.5 × 109000 = 109000 barleycorns.

Convert a quarter mile [nautical, UK] to barleycorns a quarter miles [nautical, UK] = 0.25 × 54500 = 54500 barleycorns.

Convert one-fifth mile [nautical, UK] to barleycorns one-fifth miles [nautical, UK] = 0.2 × 43600 = 43600 barleycorns.

Convert one-eighth mile [nautical, UK] to barleycorns one-eighth miles [nautical, UK] = 0.125 × 27300 = 27300 barleycorns.

Note: All values are rounded to 3 significant figures.

Definition of Barleycorn

A barleycorn is an archaic Anglo-Saxon unit of length. In medieval times, 3 barleycorns comprising 1 inch was the legal definition of the inch. The barleycorn measure is still the basis for current UK and U.S. shoe sizes.


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