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Calories burned watching tv for 15 minutes

22.8 calories are burned watching tv for 15 minutes. See on this web page how many calories a man or woman expends doing exercises or activities. Using the calories burned calculator below, you just need to fill some data and get the value of calories burned in Kcal.

Calories / Fat Burned Calculator


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Someone weighting 70 Kg or 154.3 lb watching tv burns 22.8 calories in 15 minutes. This value is roughtly equivalent to 0.01 pound(s) or 0.1 ounce(s) or 2.9 gram(s) of mass (fat and / or muscle).

  • Doing this activity 3 times a week for 15 minutes will burn 0.08 pounds or 0.04 Kg a month.
  • Doing this activity 5 times a week for 15 minutes will burn 0.13 pounds or 0.06 Kg a month.

Calories burned in 15 minutes

Activity Calories
At rest 23
Bicycling to or from work 119
Bike riding 119
Bowling 53
Breastfeeding 35
Cleaning house 56
Climbing 131
Dancing 137
Doing elliptical 88
Doing housework 56
Doing jumping jacks 140
Doing nothing 23
Doing pilates 53
Doing pull-ups 140
Doing pushups 140
Doing sit-ups 140
Doing squats 88
Doing workouts 70
Doing yoga 53
Driving 44
Gardening 67
Golfing 84
Hiking 93
Jogging 123
Kayaking 88
Kissing 23
On treadmill 158
Painting 79
Doing kettlebell 140
Playing tennis 128
Raking leaves 67
Rowing 123
Running 228
Sitting 23
Skating 123
Skiing 158
Sleeping 17
Snowboarding 93
Spinning 53
Stair climbing 140
Standing 44
Swimming 140
Vacuuming 58
Walking 61
Watching tv 18
Weight lifting 105

How to calculate calories (burned)

The number of calories you burn while exercising is dependent on:
  • the exercise you do
  • your weight
  • the time spent doing the activity

By multiplying the body weight in kg by the MET (*) value and duration of activity, you can estimate the energy expenditure in Kcal specific to a persons body weight. In this example, watching tv at a 6 MET value, burns 6 Kcal/kg x body weight/h.

A 70 kg individual watching tv for 15 minutes expends the following:

(6 METs x 70 kg body weight) x (15 min/60 min) = 22.8 Kcal.

6 is the value in METs for watching tv.

(*) MET - Metabolic equivalent


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