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How many Btus (thermochemical) in 5/4 gallons (US) of LPG?

1.25 gallons (US) of LPG equals 119500 Btus (thermochemical) because 5/4 times 95560 (the conversion factor) = 119500

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How to convert 5/4 gallons (US) of LPG to Btus (thermochemical)

To calculate a value in gallons (US) of LPG to the corresponding value in Btus (thermochemical), just multiply the quantity in gallons (US) of LPG by 95563.91120674 (the conversion factor).

Here is the formula:

Value in Btus (thermochemical) = value in gallons (US) of LPG Γ— 95563.91120674

Supose you want to convert 5/4 gallons (US) of LPG into Btus (thermochemical). In this case you will have:

Value in Btus (thermochemical) = 5/4 Γ— 95563.91120674 = 119454.88900843