Cl to leagues [US statute] formula

Use the formula below to convert any value from cl to leagues [US statute]:

leagues [US statute] = calibers × 5.2609321912029E-6

To from calibers to league [US statute], you just need to multiply the value in calibers by 5.2609321912029E-6. (It is called the conversion factor)

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Using the formula (some examples):

Convert full cl to leagues [US statute]:
a cl = 1 × 5.2609321912029E-6 = 5.2609321912029E-6 leagues [US statute].

Convert two cl to leagues [US statute]:
two cl = 2 × 5.2609321912029E-6 = 1.0521864382406E-5 leagues [US statute].

Convert five cl to leagues [US statute]:
5 calibers = 5 × 5.2609321912029E-6 = 2.6304660956015E-5 leagues [US statute].

More Examples:

Convert ten cl to leagues [US statute]: 10 calibers = 10 × 5.2609321912029E-6 = 5.2609321912029E-5 leagues [US statute].

Convert twenty cl to leagues [US statute]: 20 calibers = 20 × 5.2609321912029E-6 = 0.00010521864382406 leagues [US statute].

Convert fifty cl to leagues [US statute]: 50 calibers = 50 × 5.2609321912029E-6 = 0.00026304660956015 leagues [US statute].

Convert a hundred cl to leagues [US statute]: 100 calibers = 100 × 5.2609321912029E-6 = 0.00052609321912029 leagues [US statute].

Convert a thousand cl to leagues [US statute]: 1000 calibers = 1000 × 5.2609321912029E-6 = 0.0052609321912029 leagues [US statute].

Definition of Caliber

A caliber (cl) is a non-SI unit of length used in the USA and UK. 1 caliber = 1 inch. A .22-caliber bullet means a bullet that is 22 hundredths of an inch in diameter. Sometimes it is expressed as 1/100 of inch. A 22-caliber bullet also means a bullet that is 22 hundredths of an inch in diameter.

Definition of League [US Statute]

A statute league (lea) is an obsolete unit of length. It is usually defined as three miles (about 4.8 km)

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