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Ft to leagues [nautical] Conversion Factor

The ft to league [nautical] conversion factor is 5.4859611231102E-5

To find how many feet are there in a league [nautical], just multiply the quantity in feet by 0.

You can also use the formula to convert from ft to leagues [nautical] below:

Value in leagues [nautical] = value in feet Γ— 5.4859611231102E-5


Convert half ft to leagues [nautical]:
half feet = 0.5 Γ— 5.49E-5 = 2.74E-5 leagues [nautical].

Convert a ft to leagues [nautical]:
a ft = 1 Γ— 5.49E-5 = 5.49E-5 leagues [nautical].

Convert two ft to leagues [nautical]:
two feet = 2 Γ— 5.49E-5 = 0.00011 leagues [nautical].

Note: All values are rounded to 3 significant figures.

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More Examples:

Convert three ft to leagues [nautical] three feet = 3 Γ— 0.000165 = 0.000165 leagues [nautical].

Convert 4 ft to leagues [nautical] 4 feet = 4 Γ— 0.000219 = 0.000219 leagues [nautical].

Convert half ft to leagues [nautical] half feet = 0.5 Γ— 2.74E-5 = 2.74E-5 leagues [nautical].

Convert a quater ft to leagues [nautical] a quater feet = 0.25 Γ— 1.37E-5 = 1.37E-5 leagues [nautical].

Convert a fifth ft to leagues [nautical] a fifth feet = 0.2 Γ— 1.1E-5 = 1.1E-5 leagues [nautical].

Convert a eighth ft to leagues [nautical] a eighth feet = 0.125 Γ— 6.86E-6 = 6.86E-6 leagues [nautical].

Note: All values are rounded to 3 significant figures.

Definition of Foot

AΒ foot is a unit of length defined as 0.3048 m exactly and used in the British imperial system of units and United States customary units. It is subdivided into 12 inches and is called an international foot.

Definition of League [nautical]

AnΒ international nautical leagueΒ is an obsolete unit of length, which was equal to three nautical miles (about 5.6 km).

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