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Centimeters to barleycorns Conversion Factor

The centimeter to barleycorn conversion factor is 1.1764705882353

To find how many centimeters are there in a barleycorn, just multiply the quantity in centimeters by 0.

You can also use the formula to convert from centimeters to barleycorns below:

Value in barleycorns = value in centimeters Γ— 1.1764705882353

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Convert half centimeter to barleycorns:
half centimeters = 0.5 Γ— 1.18 = 0.588 barleycorns.

Convert a centimeter to barleycorns:
a centimeter = 1 Γ— 1.18 = 1.18 barleycorns.

Convert two centimeters to barleycorns:
two centimeters = 2 Γ— 1.18 = 2.35 barleycorns.

Note: All values are rounded to 3 significant figures.

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More Examples:

Convert three centimeters to barleycorns three centimeters = 3 Γ— 3.53 = 3.53 barleycorns.

Convert 4 centimeters to barleycorns 4 centimeters = 4 Γ— 4.71 = 4.71 barleycorns.

Convert half centimeter to barleycorns half centimeters = 0.5 Γ— 0.588 = 0.588 barleycorns.

Convert a quater centimeter to barleycorns a quater centimeters = 0.25 Γ— 0.294 = 0.294 barleycorns.

Convert a fifth centimeter to barleycorns a fifth centimeters = 0.2 Γ— 0.235 = 0.235 barleycorns.

Convert a eighth centimeter to barleycorns a eighth centimeters = 0.125 Γ— 0.147 = 0.147 barleycorns.

Note: All values are rounded to 3 significant figures.

Definition of Centimeter

AΒ centimeter (cm)Β is a decimal fraction of the meter, the International System of Units (SI) unit of length, approximately equivalent to 39.37 inches.

Definition of Barleycorn

AΒ barleycornΒ is an archaic Anglo-Saxon unit of length. In medieval times, 3 barleycorns comprising 1 inch was the legal definition of the inch. The barleycorn measure is still the basis for current UK and U.S. shoe sizes.

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