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Bar to millipascal Conversion Factor

The bar to millipascal conversion factor is 1Γ—108

To find how many bar are there in a millipascal, just multiply the quantity in bar by 0.

You can also use the formula to convert from bar to millipascal below:

Value in millipascal = value in bar Γ— 1Γ—108


Convert metade bar to millipascal:
metade bar = 0.5 Γ— 1Γ—108 = 5Γ—107 millipascal.

Convert a bar to millipascal:
a bar = 1 Γ— 1Γ—108 = 1Γ—108 millipascal.

Convert dois bar to millipascal:
dois bar = 2 Γ— 1Γ—108 = 2Γ—108 millipascal.

Note: All values are rounded to 3 significant figures.

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More Examples:

Convert trΓͺs bar to millipascal trΓͺs bar = 3 Γ— 3Γ—108 = 3Γ—108 millipascal.

Convert 4 bar to millipascal 4 bar = 4 Γ— 4Γ—108 = 4Γ—108 millipascal.

Convert metade bar to millipascal metade bar = 0.5 Γ— 5Γ—107 = 5Γ—107 millipascal.

Convert um quarto bar to millipascal um quarto bar = 0.25 Γ— 2.5Γ—107 = 2.5Γ—107 millipascal.

Convert um quinto bar to millipascal um quinto bar = 0.2 Γ— 2Γ—107 = 2Γ—107 millipascal.

Convert um oitavo bar to millipascal um oitavo bar = 0.125 Γ— 1.25Γ—107 = 1.25Γ—107 millipascal.

Note: All values are rounded to 3 significant figures.

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